GenO is a movement about using knowledge to take action for the ocean we urgently need to save.

The ocean is humanity’s most constant and loyal supporter. Its waters connect us to one another, and its influence on our lives can be felt on a daily basis.

Whether we live inland or by the sea, the ocean is essential to life and livelihoods.

Due to human activity, the ocean is suffering, and we have reached the now or never moment to get it back on track. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, every person is part of GenO.

Our life support machine

It was from the ocean that life began on Earth, around 3 million years ago. Today, the ocean’s waters still contain an incredible 50 – 80% of all life1. Whether we realise it or not, the ocean is connected to every element of our lives and our planet. It is our largest life-support system, and we cannot survive without it.

The ocean covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface. It is at the epicentre of our planet’s biosphere, and a fundamental force in the systems that govern the natural world. With an estimated 97% of all water on Earth residing in the ocean, it has a critical impact on our climate and weather.

An ocean in crisis

The sheer vastness of the ocean is one of its most intriguing and advantageous qualities. However, it has led humans to believe that its greatness makes it ‘too big to fail’. For the majority of history, this has held true, but over the last century, the world has changed rapidly. The Earth is now populated with over 7.5 billion humans, and this number is set to rise. With so much human activity across the planet, the ocean is struggling to maintain its role as humanity’s support system. We now must accept that we have not been responsible custodians of our most precious resource.

Take action

Many people around the world are undertaking inspiring and ground-breaking work to protect and restore the ocean. But you don’t have to be a scientist, activist or politician to make a difference. To transform our ocean, we need action at all levels and by all people. We’re all responsible for the ocean, and we can all do something, whoever we are and wherever we live.