Wear ocean friendly clothing

What you can do

After fuel and agriculture, one of the biggest polluting industries is fashion. Clothing manufacture often uses harmful chemicals and takes place in countries without the resources to dispose of those chemicals safely. Chemical wind up in streams and rivers which then lead into the ocean, killing life on the way. Once produced and purchased, plastic-based fabrics shed tiny fragments of material while being worn and washed. For example, a synthetic fleece jacket releases an average of 1.7 grams of microfibers each wash. These end up in our waterways and ultimately, the ocean.

Make sure you wear clothing with a sustainable production process and from sustainable materials. Some clothes are now even made using ocean waste. You can reduce microplastic pollution by avoiding polyester, nylon, and acrylic clothing, buying fewer clothes and washing clothes less.

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A clean ocean

where sources of pollution are identified and removed.

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