Source your seafood sustainably

What you can do

The ocean provides us with a myriad of nutrient-rich food. However, we have often harvested these resources unsustainably. Commercial fishing covers half of the world’s ocean. As a consequence, many populations of fish, sharks and whales are diminishing rapidly. Millions of people rely on fishing for their income, but are suffering financially due to poor fish stocks. To restore marine fisheries, we need to protect the areas fish are found in. We need to manage how we harvest to enable fish populations to thrive.

Some species of fish are more sustainable options to eat, due to populations levels and how they are caught. The way fish is harvested is also an important consideration. ‘Hook and line’ fishing for example, reduces bycatch – where unwanted sea-life is caught accidentally. Avoiding fish caught by trawling helps keep important seafloor habitats safe.

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A productive ocean

which is sustainably harvested, ensuring food supply.

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