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The ocean holds important cultural and spiritual value. The ocean is a calming and soothing influence for many who experience it first-hand. It can be restorative, supporting our mental well-being and inspiring our creativity. For many sea bordering nations, the ocean also enthuses a sense of national identity, inspiring folklore and religion. Many of the myths and legends of the Pacific Islands for example have their roots in the ocean.

The ocean touches all of us. No matter how far we live from the nearest shore, it interconnects with every part of our lives. Human life has been tied to the ocean from day one, and it remains our biggest supporter, with its influence and impact invaluable and undeniable.

How do you connect to the ocean? Connect with us on Instagram and take a photo of your connection. Tag your photo with a short description and add the hashtags: #GenerationOcean #OceanAction

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where society understands and values the ocean in relation to human wellbeing and sustainable development.

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